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Setting up online registration takes about 45 minutes, if you have all the information ready. Get your entry form in digital format with all text, graphics, logos, addresses, divisions and fees. You can return any time to edit the event, take it off line or put it back on.

1. Create your own account.

2. Create and register your organization.

3. Create your event and enter details.


 You can monitor and download the entries as they accumulate. The race entry fees will be sent twice a month. You can ask for Charitable Contributions too. If you want to sell merchandise, such as T-Shirts it is best to forward this information to doug@time2race.com and it will be added for you.

Not all screens are shown here, so read carefully and check out all the options.

So, let’s get started. Go to HTTPS://events.time2Race.com

The first step is to create an account on the system. Click on the red “create account” button on the right hand side of the screen.



Create the account using an email address that will be used for correspondence during the registration process. Consider whether to use a race-site address or your personal email, since you can use this logon account for entering into other events. Use a complex password, since it protects your money.

Once your account is created you can logon to the site and start creating your event registration. With this logon ID you can manage several events and multiple organizations. You may have to share this password with data entry personnel, so think carefully before assigning a password.



OK, just one more detail, before you can create a new event you must create the organization responsible for managing the event. this is where the checks will be mail. Click on the red “Add New” button above the first entry Box.



A pop up window will ask for all the details about the organizing committee.  You can designate the “Payout Type”. Choose between checks or Direct deposit to a Bank account. Both methods pay bi-monthly.



Now the fun begins. Get all your information together before starting. Such as digital copies of all text fields and graphics so you can cut and paste. Don’t worry, you can always come back and edit these entries at anytime. Use text files rather than Microsoft word files if you plan to cut and paste.



The wizard guides you to a screen where you will enter the Categories. The RED “Add Category” link is mid-page. Make the titles concise but fully descriptive. IE.

5K Run/Walk T shirt included

5K Run/Walk no T shirt

1mi Kids Walk



Now the best part of all, you get to set prices for each event. This will be the amount credited to your account. Processing fees will be added at check-out. Pay close attention to the “Add Price Adjustment” link below the Base Price entry box. Here is where you can add increases or modifications to the base price. A special message can be setup here to inform entrants that online registration has closed and give them instruction for walk-in and day-of-race options.

Now you will see the form as it is presented to the entrant. Most of these fields are required. The “New Question” button allows you to add custom questions. Such as age on day of race. T-Shirt size.

This additional question is where you will add the Waiver Statement and require acknowledgement.

You can drag and drop the questions to rearrange the order to fit your needs.


Once you have completed the first pass through the wizard, you will be brought back to the main edit page where it is possible to review and edit all the information. Make sure you save often when editing the form. If the T-shirt is included in your price, then add a question about size. If T-Shirts are an additional cost, then send that information to me and I will get it added to the shopping cart. The E-Commerce setup is better handled by the developer. You can go ahead and enter the Charities section by yourself.

When you logon the next time you can click on the race to return to the main edit screen. There are several URL links, which can be pasted onto your website. You will also see a link to run through a test entry to test how your site will look to the entrant. This page also has a “Registration Status” where you can enable or disable the site to the internet.

As the organizer you can enter your mail-in entries on line for free. This feature keeps all of the registrations in one data base and allows the data entry staff to work from any location. The entrants will receive the same email confirmation. Additional Logon ID’s can be added, so your data entry helpers can logon with their own Logon ID and password.

The email confirmation messages should have specific information about date, time, and location for packet pickup. It can also include special information about race location and special activities.

Check out the reports and participant sections, they will help you monitor the progress.

Please Email me at Doug@time2race.com or call 541-390-1730 if you have any questions. I will review the listing and run a test entry to see how it flows. The wizard is self explanatory if you take the time to read it carefully.